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"We had a wonderful experience with Deb as our realtor. We were first time homebuyers and Deb was able to be patient with us and work around our schedules. Deb set the example of what every real estate agent should strive for- honesty, professionalism, reliability, and support.  We liked that Deb took the time to educate us on the process of buying a house as this was our first home.  She pointed out the various costs of ownership and helped in making a good decision and a good investment.

We couldn’t be happier with the home that we found!

Thanks, Deb!" Kate & Mike F


"Deb was a lifesaver during our first house purchase.  She knew we were nervous about buying and helped us through the major ups and downs we had.  She helped us see the big picture of buying a house!  I cannot say enough good things about our experience with Deb!  I will be recommending her to all my family and friends!"
Chad and Amanda Johnson


"We originally listed with another agent who was unable to sell the home in four months. Once we listed with Deborah, we sold in under one month!! Her presentation of our home on MLS was outstanding. We will definitely contact her for any future home sales and recommend her to all of our friends and family. Thanks again!!"

Robert and Linda-Cambridge
"I decided to expand my current restaurant business which included purchasing a commercial building with a rentable apartment.  Deb was fantastic at answering my questions and doing the necessary research required to determine if the building would be suitable.  The transaction took a total of 7 months from start to finish and there were many hurdles to overcome including an enviromental audit.  Deb was there each and every time I called her to answer my questions and to negotiate on my behalf.  She did an outstanding job.  I would definitely recommend her to future clients."

"My husband and I met Deb on a Sunday at an open house in waterloo. My husband and I were driving around in waterloo and decided to drive to a subdivision where we had seen a sign for an open house. When walking into the open house Deb was very welcoming and friendly. She greeted us with a kind smile and some small talk about how we where doing, she also provided us with a feature sheet. After walking around the house, we had a few questions to ask Deb about the home. She was very informative and open about all the information about the home. We ended up talking with her for quite a while on why we where looking and what we wanted in a new home for our selves. Currently we were not in the market to put our house up and find a new one, but was just curious on what was available on the market at that time. Deb was very relaxed and not pushy. We had told her that we had had difficulties with other real estate agents in the past that would not send us information on homes that we had asked, out of our territory and way over priced. The agent ended up getting upset with us because we were not interested with anything they where sending us and then decided that they did not want us as clients. We ended up telling Deb this and she persisted that she was not like that at all. If we were interested at all in just even looking, just cause we where curious, she said with no question she would try her hardest to find houses for us that where in all our credentials even if we were not interested in buying for some time.

When my husband and I left we felt that she had reset our confidence in that there was real estate agents out in the field that cared about helping you find a home that was right for you, at your convenience, time and price.

We had decided that if we ever did decide to sell our home and move, that we would for sure call Deb. Her business card had sat on the side of our fridge for a year, when one day my husband and I went through a model home and found a house that suited all our needs and wants in what we wanted in a home. On a whim we decided to sell our house. The first thing that came to our mind was to call Deb. That night I emailed her about a meeting to come and see our home and what we could get for it and how long to sell. The next day we received an email from her and the next week, the house was appraised and on the market.

Through the whole process Deb made us feel at ease. All rules and regulations were explained, why we priced our house at our price to sell fast and to be the better house in our price range then all the other houses. Private walk troughs where planed and organized. Feature sheets, advertising and so on. To show that she is an excellent real estate agent, out house was listed on a Wednesday morning, and the house was sold that Saturday afternoon. We had several private walk throughs and 6 offers. The house showed so well and was advertised so nicely that we did not even have to have an open house, which was very exciting. Not only was she amazing in answering all our questions, wants and needs, she also came to help us with the builder and the understanding of the paperwork with our new home that we were building. We never imagined that our home would sell so fast and that we would be so calm and relaxed about the process. Not only is Deb a nice and friendly person to do business with, she also became a friend to us.

We would definitely recommend her to anyone buying or selling a home!
Thanks Deb!"

Jason & Alicia-Kitchener